Boss Translator*

iPhone App


What is the Boss Translator?

Ever been in a meeting and the boss is spewing out nonsense or they’re just repeating everything you said to them just before the meeting, but they take credit for it?

Are you frustrated with the good ‘ole Boy network because your integrity is better than that and you refuse to participate?

Can your boss’s nose get any browner?

Finally Get your revenge by recording your boss during a meeting, and let the Boss Translator tell you what they’re really saying!

Boss Translator is simple office fun, at it’s best!

How does the boss translator work?

by analyzing subliminal tonal vibrations* present in your boss’s speech, the boss translator can tell you what they’re really thinking, despite what they’re saying.

Boss Translator iPhone app is comedy app for iphone stupid fun for the iphone can exist through the boss translator iphone app have fun in office meetings plain simple fun make fun of the boss

*No Bosses were harmed in the making of Boss Translator!

*fail!  Of course you can’t really do that, c’mon people that would be too cool!