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iPhone Application


Do you have a young one who’s putting together sounds and trying to tell you something?  Are you having problems figuring out what they’re saying?

Baby Translator is an iPhone application that can be used to translate those baby sounds into your native language, the current version only supports English speakers right now, but the following will be supported in future releases:








By recording your baby’s subliminal tonal vibrations* and then letting the Baby Translator analyze the sounds, you’ll know exactly what’s on your baby’s mind!

Although this application is only a novelty app, your friends and family don’t have to know that.  Impress them with the latest electronic gizmo that us humans have been dreaming about for generations!

What is Baby Translator?

How does it Work?

*Not to be construed as an actual baby translation device, no babies were harmed in the making of baby translator.  Please use common sense when you’re around infants.